Professional Mowing Service.
Lawn mowing and trimming is one of the best ways to keep your lawn healthy and protect your property value. Grass develops new growth at the crown, so a proper lawn mowing stimulates the plant to become dense and healthy resulting in a rich, thick turf.

Mow grass areas approximately every 7 days throughout growing season (weather permitting).  Grass height to be adjusted as appropriate for seasonal conditions.  String trimming along shrub bed edges, walkways, and curbs to be performed as needed .

Spring cleanup and mulching service.

  • Cleaning of weeds/debris from winter
  •  Re-defining bed edges, trimming as needed,
  • Spreading a fresh layer of mulch to give a fresh uniformed look for spring.

The proper mulching of your flower, shrubbery, and trees landscape bedding will not only give your property a crisp, clean, and manicured look, but it will also drastically reduce the amount of time spent weeding, watering and fighting pests. Mulching also helps with erosion control as well as keeping dirt from splashing up on your flowers, home, and hardscape features when it rains. Santis Landscaping can help you decide which type of mulch would be best for your property and we can calculate the amount your landscape needs. Best of all, we will install the mulch exactly and as it is needed.

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